Total Lucim Serum: a concentrate of benefits for luminous skin

How to choose the best serum for your face? Ariix by NewAge has the answer: Lucim is the only range of essential products to take care of your face. The Total Lucim Serum is 7 in 1! Once you’ve discovered its many assets, you’ll only want to adopt it!


The Total Lucim Serum meets all your skin's needs. What are the advantages of this 7-in-1 treatment?

The goal of a face serum is to deliver powerful active ingredients that act on targeted conditions. This is why it is applied before moisturizer and after careful facial cleansing. The major advantage of the Lucim Total Face Serum is that it is versatile. It is ideal for young skin as well as tired or mature skin.

Our Total Facial Serum is the perfect solution for:

  • Deep moisturize
  • Preserve the skin’s elasticity
  • smooth fine lines;
  • standardize the natural colour of your complexion
  • plump the skin
  • Restore sparkle for a long time;
  • firm the skin.
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The most effective ingredients are concentrated in the Lucim Face Total Serum

Ariix by NewAge, through its Lucim range

, showcases proprietary technology. The encapsulation of liposomes allows the diffusion of active ingredients in depth, where your skin needs them most.

Respect is the most important value at Ariix. Your serum is certified by the international anti-animal cruelty label, Leaping Bunny. With a vegan composition, it is guaranteed gluten-free and non-comedogenic.

What active ingredients make the Lucim Face Total Serum unavoidable?

  • Bakuchiol comes from an Ayurvedic plant, Babchi. This active ingredient reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it evens out the pigmentation of the skin;
  • Matrixyl peptides smooth out wrinkles and fine lines visible in the forehead and eyes;
  • hyaluronic acid retains hydration in skin cells. It fills wrinkles and firms the skin;
  • vitamins C and B3: these antioxidants slow down cellular aging and protect the skin from external aggression;
  • Pure water for optimal, targeted and sustainable hydration
  • Kakadu plum extract, the most concentrated source of vitamin C in the world (100 times more than orange). This active ingredient promotes a fresh, smooth and radiant health complexion.

How best to use Lucim's Face Total Serum to reveal the full potential of your skin?

  • Complete the groundbreaking action of the Total Lucim Serum, get Lucim’s Defense Day Cream

    for the morning, as well as Lucim Renovator Night Cream

    for your evening routine. The results are immediately visible: get ready to be blown away!

    Morning and evening, apply your Total Serum to your perfectly cleaned and dry face and neck. Allow the serum to absorb completely before moisturizing your skin.

    A bottle of total face serum should last you 28 days when used twice a day. Some testimonials tell us up to 35 days of use!

Follow these few precautions to optimize the use of your Face Total Serum

  • To preserve all the properties of your Lucim Face Total Serum, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. In warm and/or humid climates, the bottle can be stored in the refrigerator (5oC).

    Between two containers, you may potentially notice a difference in hue. This variation is due to the natural qualities of the antioxidant components and plant extracts contained in your serum. All shades ranging from cream to dark beige are considered normal: your treatment remains active, effective and perfectly safe.

Total Lucim Serum: a concentrate of benefits for luminous skin


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