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Lucim, the new skin care line by ARIIX

Feel results rather than trends

When it comes to quality, durability and affordability, who says a brand can’t have it all? Get ready to improve your skincare routine with Lucie, the first complete line to be designed with the skincare features you prefer and the results you want to achieve! Lucim™ is the first complete range of products to be designed according to your skin care preferences and based on the results you want to achieve – from ingredients and technological research to product experience and long-lasting effects. Impeccable skin to radiate self-confidence!

Lucim from Ariix by NewAge range: focus on the essentials!



Stop chasing the latest treatment! Ariix by NewAge offers its Lucim products.   We have enough confidence in this extraordinary range to tell you one essential   thing: you will no longer need another complementary product to make your skin visibly healthier. Find out why our Lucim range represents everything you need in terms of facials.

Why does Ariix by NewAge choose to go against the modern beauty industry?



You deplore this accumulation of beauty products in your bathroom. You always buy the latest fashionable treatments. You forget them one after the other because none offers you visible and lasting results. It was on the basis of these findings that Ariix by NewAge decided to act. Our Lucim range has been designed and developed to be your must-have range. Our treatments adapt to all skin types, ages and   conditions: acne, wrinkles, etc. Our Lucim products are not the new   trend: they are timeless products that have been shown to be effective in independent clinical trials.

Ariix by NewAge is taking the side of a new era of consumption, more responsible, more respectful. Today, the beauty industry offers two opposite angles that seem   incompatible: either a supply of complex products (sometimes toxic) and exorbitant price, or an “alternative” market to sustainable and respectful but unattractive products and very relative effects.

Why accept this overly simplistic scheme? An ethical company is perfectly capable of offering healthy products whose efficiency is indisputable and reasonably priced, while respecting the environment and the trust of its customers. Ariix by NewAge is one of those rare entities that prioritizes results over fashion effects! After the superlative race of the big brands to sell new and more complex products, we decide, with our Lucim range, to offer you what you need. No more, no less. Our products are the only beauty routine that is necessary for the health of your skin. Try Lucim treatments, you will adopt them and will never want to change your routine again.

Don’t throw your money out the window   anymore: choose a minimalist and effective skin care range



Your skin needs nutrients that enhance its hydration and elasticity. Wrinkles and fine lines are not fatalities, it is quite possible to delay their appearance, or even smooth them if they are already present.

Hydration is a key point in a skin care. Our formulas are specially designed to retain maximum hydration over a long period of time. The secret lies in the choice of ingredients with unique properties. Check out the descriptions of each Lucim product, you will be amazed by the simplicity of our ingredient lists!

These active ingredients have, of course, been clinically tested beforehand. Perfectly suited to the thinness of the skin of the face and neck, the Lucim range is untested on animals (they are also vegan) and gluten-free. You will also have the pleasure of using products without any GMOs. Our key value at Ariix by NewAge is absolute   respect: your safety does not tolerate compromise.

By choosing to use the Lucim range, you opt for the most responsible solution in your care routine. Our Lucim by Ariix by NewAge range delivers on its promises at the right price. You don’t pay anything   superfluous: every Euro invested in Lucim products will quickly be profitable, you can be sure. Trust Ariix to give you the spark that will make you shine with confidence!

Why is Lucim a unique range of treatments?



Give your skin the best by selecting simple products with scientifically proven quality active ingredients. Lucim offers you to accompany you every day while respecting your skin and your habits. Our patented technologies will reveal all the radiance of your skin.

You don’t need a lot of products to make your face visibly fresh and healthy! Here’s our Ariix advice to harness the full potential of Lucim   products:

       In the   morning: Cleanse your skin with a gentle facial cleanser, such as our Lucim Face Cleanser Gel. Once or twice a week, exfoliate the skin of your face with our non-abrasive purifying exfoliator Lucim. Every morning, take the time to apply our Total Facial Serum,it brings you a concentrate of actives that acts throughout the day. When it has perfectly penetrated your skin, apply Lucim Defense Day Cream,which allows you to use it under your make-up.

       In the evening: remove   your make-up conscientiously. Cleanse your skin with Lucim Facial Cleanser gel. Give your skin a dose of nocturnal nutrition with the total facial serum application. Finally, complete with lucim’s Renovation Night Cream. You will wake up with a fresh face, glowing skin and plumped!

       Once or twice a week, we recommend replacing the Renovating Night Cream with the Skincerity Night Mask. It’s the only mask that lets your skin breathe by nourishing it intensely! In addition, its use is both hygienic and playful. Discover this flagship product with patented technology!

Lucim products are of course carefully designed to complement each other in an ideal way. Consider the idea of getting rid of all the skincare products you currently have to replace them with Lucim. You’ll finally see the difference before/after, without breaking the bank!

Focus on the   results: what active ingredients make up our Lucim range?



The most powerful ingredients are not necessarily the most expensive! Some are rarer than others. What active ingredients have we included in the development of our Lucim range?

– Aloe Vera: moisturizing, anti-irritating, soothing, it is a plant whose effectiveness has been known in many civilizations for centuries;              

       The Babchi plant, native to India, is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Its active ingredient, bakuchiol, improves skin pigmentation and elasticity;

– Clays: Bentonite and kaolin clay regulate sebum production and rid pores of toxins;              

– Green blue algae: the one also called spirulina maxima brings the best nutrients to your skin;              

– Antioxidants: Kakadu white marrube and plum extracts significantly slow down the aging process of the skin and fight environmental pollution effectively;              

       Natural   acids: Hyaluronic acid, already present in the skin, retains up to 1,000 times its weight. So it’s your best ally to keep hydration in the heart of your cells. Lactic acid is used in Lucim products because it removes dead cells and smoothes the skin;

– Edelweiss stem cells: they offer a unique tensor effect;              

– Vitamins B3, C, B5, E: they each have a specific role, but they aim to smooth the skin, even the pigmentation of your complexion, moisturize the skin and slow its aging;                

– Water from Swiss glaciers encapsulated in liposomes: this patented technology allows you to benefit from the full potential of this optimal hydration.              

As you can see, these natural ingredients are largely plant-based. Lucim’s vegan label is deserved! Our   watchword:   respect: your skin, your trust, animals and natural resources.

It’s time. Declutter your bathroom and order the Lucim range today



Simplicity, ethics and efficiency are at your   fingertips: Ariix offers its Lucim skin product line, designed to remain   timeless: it’s suitable for all skin types. Lucim products are ideal for every age of your adult life. Don’t wait for signs of age to appear to take care of your skin. Conversely, do not believe that these wrinkles are inevitable. We provide you with the best of nature in this range of versatile treatments. Magnify your natural beauty with appropriate and healthy treatments, take this chance!



It is up to you to make this decision as responsible as it   is beneficial: order Lucim’s skinning products   today: the purifying exfoliator,

the cleansing gel, the total facial serum, the defense day cream, the Renovating Night Cream.

and the Skincerity night mask. While waiting for your ultra-fast delivery, get rid of the products in your toiletry kit, they will become obsolete as soon as you receive your Ariix by NewAge treatments. Lucim will offer you visible and lasting results.