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Showing all 6 results

Lucim, the new skin care line by ARIIX

Lucim Skin Care is a skin care range developed by ARIIX from natural ingredients, glutten free, cruelty free, gmo free.

ARIIX proudly presents THE ONLY product range REALLY ON YOUR SIDE, LUCIM

We already had the famous Jouverange to ensure quality cosmetics, but now ARIIX goes further in innovation by unveiling “Lucim”, a continuation of the Jouve range. A skin care range designed to break the codes of traditional cosmetics. Lucim assures to produce its products from 100% natural elements, cruelty-free, vegan, glutten-free and GMO-free!

Lucim by ariix is designed to support you at a time when environmental aggressions are harmful but unfortunately impossible to avoid. That’s why Lucim falls into the category of essential care to have rather than the traditional products full of harmful elements.

A skin care line specially designed for people of all skin types, living in all possible climates. Lucim is a skin care line that ARIIX took 4 years to develop. 4 years of research