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Slenderiiz is the special weight management range of the Ariix brand. Slenderiiz consists of Day & Night Drops, PureNourish, Beauty Boost and Giving Greens.
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– Do you want to lose weight in a healthy way and maintain your ideal weight?

It’s difficult to find one’s way in today’s “slimming” programmes, not to mention the “yo-yo” effect that we all dread!

Ariix has therefore developed a simple formula that is extremely effective over time: the Day & Night drops help accelerate your metabolism by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates.

They also offer the advantage of reducing your stress.

No cracking, no weight gain!

– You want to regain your health
by providing you with all the essential nutrients in a simple way?

Today’s lifestyles trivialise fast food.

Covering all of our nutritional needs is therefore a challenge. How about turning this moment into an everyday pleasure?

Pure Nourish™ is a delicious and ultra-complete shake.

Just one glass a day is enough to meet your nutrient needs.

A good day starts with a shake of Pure Nourish™!

– Dull hair, brittle nails, irritated skin?

Many factors can make our hair, nails or skin fragile.

Beauty Boost™ remedies this by acting at the heart of the cells.

The nutrition of a daily glass of Beauty Boost™ will restore strength and shine to your nails, hair and skin in a natural and healthy way.

By the way, to complete the care provided to your body, have you tried mixing Pure Nourish™ with Beauty Boost™ ?

The result is a delicious and fully regenerating cocktail!

– Are you tired?
Do you need a naturally stimulating and safe solution?

Keeping fit every day with an overloaded diary?

It is possible, with the unfailing support of Power Boost™. This energy concentrate uses onlyhealthy ingredients from renewable resources.

Whether you are an elite athlete looking to surpass yourself, or a person who wants to lose weight but feels tired of the change, Power Boost™ is the only protein drink that will make you feel healthy again for a long time!