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  • The Puritii air purifier purifies 98.99% of the harmful particles contained in the air. Puritii is a range of the Ariix® brand.
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PURITII, Health and Cleanliness
Become Eco-Responsible


For ARIIX by NewAge,nature is all-powerful.

That’s why we develop our products in the
maximum respect for nature. Health and ecology are not incompatible. Puritii offers you
the exclusivity of its research to be in better health in a preserved environment.


Reconciling nature and humanity, a successful compromise at ARIIX by NewAge


ARIIX by NewAge uses the best components and when they are present in nature, we take them in a reasoned and responsible way. Our formulas are all the more effective for your greatest satisfaction.

With the development of the Puritii range, ARIIX by NewAge aims, once again, for excellence. Purity has become rare, we take up the challenge of restoring it so that your health is all the more radiant! Now it’s up to you to see this by using our ARIIX by NewAge products, the results are visible quickly because they act in a targeted and focused way.

Pure, drinkable skin available anywhere, anytime. Not the one that flows directly from your tap, laden with heavy metals and radioactive residues.

Drinking with ARIIX’s Puritii means choosing purity to
more than 99%. This real mobile water purifier removes all unwanted microscopic substances from your water, thanks to a 100% natural filter.
By choosing to equip yourself with the Puritii purifying flask, you are also choosing to spare the nature of 450 plastic bottles with each filter used. You can take this gourd everywhere, you no longer have an excuse for not taking care of your health and the environment!