Pure Nourish: a daily glass for complete and ideal nutrition

It is becoming more and more difficult to guarantee complete nutritional intake to stay healthy. Lack of time, unfamiliarity with the products we eat…

Fortunately, Ariix by NewAge has developed, in its Slenderiiz range, a 100% natural formula that provides you with all the essential nutrients your body needs: PureNourish™ is for you!

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Why is PureNourish™ the best food supplement on the market?

PureNourish™ is not only indicated for a slimming cure, everyone can benefit from its advantages.

Most food supplements are based on whey and other animal proteins, causing digestive problems. On the contrary, PureNourish™ offers high-quality, easily assimilated nutrients from environmentally friendly sources.

Made from plants, the drink PureNourish™, thanks to its new flavour, helps people who want to lose weight by improving their digestion and metabolism: these proteins act as effective and healthy appetite suppressants. In addition, the complete composition of PureNourish™ provides unparalleled well-being for all those who want to maintain their health without colossal effort.

What complete and essential ingredients does Pure Nourish™ consist of?

The food supplement Pure Nourish™ has been designed to make up for all deficienciesin a simple and tasty way. Each glass contains no less than 14 essential vitamins and minerals, complemented by protein of exceptional quality. Pure Nourish™ also guarantees you complete coverage of enzyme requirements and 28% of your daily fibre intake.


Pure Nourish™ also provides probiotics, as well as prebiotics: nutrients are absorbed optimally and your immune system is strengthened!

How to use Pure Nourish™ to restore your health capital?

Our tips for preparing Pure Nourish™ for optimal nutritional intake


To take your daily healthy serving, mix two spoonfuls of Pure Nourish™ with 250 ml of fresh water. Mix vigorously. For a smoother texture, you can add almond or coconut milk.


Maximise the power of your glass of PureNourish™ by mixing 2 spoons of PureNourish™ with a spoon of Beauty Boost™ou from Power Boost™ !


Be sure to store your PureNourish™ bag in a cool, dry environment.

Precautions for use

PureNourish™ is made in an environment that also uses nuts, eggs, wheat gluten and peanuts. Your drink is guaranteed GMO-free and preservative-free.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a special medical condition, consult your doctor before using this product.

PureNourish™, your natural ally for healthy weight loss and maintaining optimal health

92.67 €

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