Lucim Purifying Exfoliator: Prepare your face in the best way

Most exfoliating products on the market are abrasive and dangerous to your skin. It is based on this observation that Ariix by NewAge has decided to develop, in its Lucim range, an exfoliant as effective as it is respectful for you. Discover the benefits of our Purifying Exfoliant before adopting   it!

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For Lucim's Purifying Exfoliator is the only preparation treatment you need?

The role of a facial exfoliator is to gently remove dead cells by a mechanical scanning effect. This step of skin preparation not only improves the appearance of your skin (tightened pores), but also reduces imperfections and other skin problems.

Why is Lucim Purifying Exfoliator the best for your skin? Our unique formulation consists of enzymes that activate in a specific environment to perform as an exfoliating product. The other active ingredients of our Lucim Purifying Exfoliator work in harmony to leave your skin soft and silky.

Adopt an ideal routine by preparing your face with lucim Purifying Exfoliator. Formed from kaolin and bentonite clay, it is also concentrated in fruit enzymes that interact with jojoba beads and lactic acid.

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The ingredients of Lucim's purifying exfoliator make it a powerful and gentle natural treatment at the same time


is a range of powerful and skin-friendly products. Our exfoliator performs four functions whose results are immediately visible:

  • kaolin clays and bentonite effectively absorb and remove excess sebum from your pores. They get rid of toxins in your skin.
  • jojoba beads work by mechanically exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells.
  • Lactic acid is a mild, non-irritating alpha-hydroxyle acid (AHA). It acts as a natural exfoliator, to gently polish and rid the skin of its dead cells.
  • Fruit enzymes such as papaya and pineapple complement the action of other components optimally.

How can you be sure that you are using Lucim's purifying exfoliator to the maximum of its capabilities?

  • The Lucim Purifying Exfoliator is suitable for all skin types. You’ll clearly see the difference between “front” and “after”! For healthy skin, we recommend using Cleansing Gel before Purifying Exfoliator.

    The Purifying Exfoliator can be used 1 to 3 times a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Moisten your face, then apply a hazelnut of Purifying Exfoliant. Using the pulp of your fingers, exfoliate in circular movements from bottom to top. Take the time to massage your face, you will activate the blood circulation at the same time.

  • When all areas of your face are exfoliated, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Dry your skin by dabbling your face with a clean sponge towel. Once your skin is dry, it is ready to receive your care, such as Total Lucim Face Serum

    or Lucim Defense Day Cream!

Some precautions

For the record, the Lucim Purifying Exfoliator is untested on animals, it is certified by the world label “Leaping Bunny”.

For ideal use, be careful not to rub your skin too much during exfoliation: our formulation is designed to be effective in lightness.

After exfoliation, your skin may be slightly red.

That’s the way it goes. After a few minutes and applying a moisturizer such as
Night Cream Renovator Lucim
, you will see the radiance of perfect skin!

Lucim Purifying Exfoliator is the only product you need to rid your skin of dead cells. To try it is to adopt it!


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