Magnical-D, to definitively remedy your deficiencies and take care of your skeleton.

80% of adults and 40% of children are deficient in calcium and magnesium. 90% of the population is deficient in vitamin D3.
Ariix by NewAge
has relied on these alarming figures to create a product specific to these shortages. Thus, the Nutrifii range offers you Magnical-D, to qualitatively cover these very particular needs.

Magnical-D - Nutritional Supplement - Bones and Muscles - ARIIX product

How does magnical-d™ cover your biggest vitamin deficiencies?

Magnical-D, the natural food supplement for everyone!

This food supplement is suitable for everyone, or almost everyone! It satisfies your need for vitamin D3 and calcium, which is highly assimilable by your body.

If you are already taking a calcium, magnesium and vitamin K1 supplement, we recommend replacing it with Magnical-D™. Indeed, vitamin K1 in most current supplements is not an essential nutrient, unlike vitamin K2, contained in

The composition of magnical-d™ , a gold mine for your organism

Ariix by NewAge attaches particular importance to creating
coherent synergies
to optimize nutrient assimilation. Magnical-D™ is much more than a food supplement to make up for vitamin D deficiency. It also includes calcium, magnesium and vitamin K for a completely naturally maintained health.

An organic food supplement, Magnical-D™ is rich inessential nutrients.

One bottle of Magnical-D™ contains 112 capsules.

How to use magnical-d™ optimally to get the most out of it?

Cover your needs in one simple daily gesture, thanks to Magnical-D™

To fully cover your nutrient needs with Magnical-D™, we recommend that you take 2 tablets twice a day. Each bottle contains the equivalent of a 56-day course of treatment. If you can, take themwith meals for optimal absorption into your body.

Precautions for use

Order now Magnical-D™ to put an end to deficiencies and regain your inner youthfulness!

Magnical-D - Nutritional Supplement - Bones and Muscles - ARIIX product

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