Mother Of All. Moa, mother of all drinks, the perfect balance

To keep fit every day, trust Moa!
ARIIX by NewAge
offers you a natural nutritional drink is the ideal solution to give a boost to your metabolism. Its hygienic bottle contains a real concentrate of 36 super nutrients. This is the flagship product of the Nutrifii range!


How the most complete dietary supplement, moa™ restores your health on a daily basis?

Against stress or fatigue, Moa™ strengthens your immune system thanks to its 100% natural ingredients.

We recommend that youdrink Moa™ as a cure if you feel stress, fatigue, a weakening of your immune system. But you can alsodrink Moa™ daily as a heart prevention!

Moa™ is the best 100% natural drink on the market. It is suitable for everyone: adults and children (depending on their weight), and is ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

What key ingredients make moa™ as powerful and effective in the daily lives of millions of people?

Moa™’s unique Halal-certified formula contains 36 superfoods, as well as Bioperine, which promotes the assimilation of the many nutrients in your daily dose. All the nutritional value of the Moa™ drink is preserved thanks to Natriix™, the first 100% natural preservative, patented and exclusive to Ariix by NewAge products.

Use moa™ every day, the pledge of a health of steel thanks to Nature

How can you take Moa™ on a daily basis to restore your immune system?

Your body will purify itself as you take Moa™ every day. We recommend a cure of at least 90 daysfor a complete regeneration of your body’s defences.

Once opened, your bottle of Moa™ can be kept in the fridge for one month. Shake the closed bottle before each use. Depending on your needs, reduce or dilute Moa™ with water.
Start your treatment gradually, ALWAYS after a meal:
1 Dose = one bottle cap 1 Dose = one bottle cap = 30 mL= 30 mL

Precautions for use

Take Moa™ with caution if :

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