Lucim Defense Day Cream: Moisturize and protect your skin in a single gesture

Free radicals, pollution, stress are part of our daily lives and impact our skin? Ariix by NewAge offers you its Lucim range, which focuses on visible and lasting results. Lucim Defense Day Cream protects your skin, all in lightness!

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Why is Lucim's Defense Day Cream your best ally on a daily basis?

The Lucim range

has been developed by Ariix by NewAge to offer you simple and essential products. Our Defense Day Cream is more than just a moisturizer. This high-end skincare has been designed to protect your face from pollution and free radicals responsible for skin aging.

Your Defense Day Cream is the ultimate treatment to unify your complexion, protect and moisturize your face, as well as strengthen its natural defenses. How is such a concentration of efficiency possible? Targeted technologies are at the heart of this formula. For example, Citystem©

is a patented pollution filter that combines several significant benefits:

  • it detoxifies the cells of their pollutants;
  • It moisturizes and smoothes the skin for a velvety touch;
  • it evens out the complexion by reducing the appearance of blackheads.
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The powerful ingredients of Lucim Defense Day Cream guarantee a luminous and protected skin

The active ingredients of the formulation developed by Ariix by NewAge restore your skin effectively:

  • Citystem© is a patented technology derived from Marrubium vulgare that protects, evens out and smoothes the skin;
  • Our unique blend of antioxidants and vitamins (B3, C and E) neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals and brightens the complexion;
  • The glacial water of the Swiss Alps gives you a targeted and deep skin hydration;
  • Green blue algae extract (Spirulina Maxima) is a powerful antioxidant that slows down cellular aging and acts against wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic acid has the function of retaining hydration in the cells of your skin, so that it remains permanently nourished and hydrated.

How to use Ariix's Lucim Defense Day Cream to see and keep its benefits?

  • Of course, the use of Lucim Defense Day Cream is optimal in combination with other products in the Lucim range. In the morning, start by cleaning your face with the

    Lucim face cleansing gel

    . On your dry skin, apply your

    Lucim Serum

    then a small amount of Defense Day Cream all over your face. For better asset penetration, make circular movements from bottom to top. When all the product is absorbed, you can apply your makeup.

    Lucim Defense Day Cream is non-comedogenic and is suitable for all skin types, young or mature. In addition, be aware that all products in this range, signed Ariix by NewAge,   are certified by the recognized Leaping Bunny   label: they are not tested on animals.

Here are some recommendations

For optimal preservation of your Defense Day Cream, we recommend storing it in a cool place (less than 25oC) and dry, away from direct sunlight.

Between two containers of Lucim Defense Day Cream, you may notice a slight difference in hue. Indeed, the natural qualities of antioxidants and plant extracts contained in your cream can cause color variations from one product to another. The colours range from cream to dark beige are quite normal. This variation is even a guarantee of natural and plant quality. The product remains active, efficient and safe.

Once opened, your Lucim Defense Day Cream will last an average of one month if used daily.

Decide to offer the best to your skin. Protect it with Lucim's Defense Day Cream. It is as light as it is effective.


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