Night Cream Renovator Lucim: sleep, its effectiveness will amaze you!

A night cream that saves you a few hours of sleep? This is possible thanks to the Lucim range from Ariix by NewAge! While it doesn’t literally replace your precious hours of rest, renovating Night Cream gives your skin the freshness of a healthy awakening.

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How does Renovating Night Cream improve the texture of your skin as you use it?

Lucim Renovator Night Cream intensely nourishes the skin while you sleep. Indeed, it is at this very moment that the skin cells regenerate. Hydrated, your skin receives the necessary nutrients during the night. When she wakes up, she is visibly healthy, smooth and luminous.

Forget the dull and scrambled complexion, fine lines, pigmentation irregularities on your skin. Renovating Night Cream is there to nourish your skin while you sleep. You will wake up with a rejuvenated and rejuvenated skin.

The role of this Lucim Renovator Night Cream is plural. She:

  • Intensely moisturizes your skin;
  • Promotes the elasticity and firmness of your skin;
  • Uniforms the complexion;
  • Gives shine to your skin and fights against visible signs of age.

How can Lucim Night Renovating Cream perform this miracle? Thanks to its powerful and natural ingredients, of course!

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The secret of Lucim's Renovating Night Cream? Its ingredients: they are powerful and rare

The assets of Lucim Renovator’s Night Cream are stunning in efficiency:

  • The water from Swiss glaciers encapsulated in liposomes: this technology moisturizes your skin sustainably and deeply;
  • Edelweiss Majestem stem cells and Spilanthes Acmella flower extract visibly smooth and firm your skin;
  • Blue-green algae extracts (Spirulina Maxima) brings phytonutrients and amino acids to your skin cells;
  • Antioxidants and multivitamins (vitamin C, E, B5) protect and restore your skin while you sleep.
  • Hyaluronic acid retains all the moisture provided by the water of alpine glacials.

The combination of these powerful assets work throughout the night. Renovating Night Cream is rich, distributing nutrients and hydration in a targeted and sustainable way. You’ll wake up in the morning with a glowing look of health!

What is the best way to use Lucim's Night Renovating Cream? Ariix Recommendations

  • The Lucim Renovator Night Cream works in perfect harmony with other products in the range. For example, before applying it in the evening, cleanse your skin well with the
    Lucim Cleansing Gel,
    this will promote the penetration of the active ingredients of your night cream.

    After cleaning your face, and possibly applying the Total Lucim Face Serum

    , apply your Renovating Night Cream: for optimal penetration, make circular movements from bottom to top. It is important that night cream is the last step in your evening routine.

    The Ariix by NewAge tip: let the cream penetrate completely before going to bed. If you want a multiplied action, get a silk or satin pillowcase… Your skin, as well as your hair, will make you feel good!

To optimize the use of your Night Cream, follow our usual precautions

  • In daily use, the Renovator Night Cream lasts about a month.

    In addition, the Lucim range of Ariix by NewAge is certified by the international label   “Leaping   Bunny”, which guarantees you an ethical product and not tested on   animals: Ariix is particularly attentive and sensitive to respect for nature.

    Night Renovating Night Cream is suitable for all skin types.

To wake up with a fresh and healthy complexion, order your Lucim Renovator Night Cream today!


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