Coconut oil Priime™: the versatile health asset you need!

Natural care is the best for you. Beware, not all are equal! At Ariix by NewAge, we assume that only the best ingredients will bring you the best results. This is why we have developed the Priime range, organic, without additives or pesticides. The fractionated coconut oil that we offer you will completely change your life, for better health!


Organic coconut oil Priime™
is perfect for all ages

Coconut oil is a healthy, natural product. It is fractionated, which means that it is moisturising and does not leave a greasy film. Its many uses and benefits make it your ideal ally on a daily basis.

It is suitable for children as well as adults, women and men, sportsmen and women as well as sedentary people! Our organic coconut oil also belongs to the family of the best natural cosmetics…

Coconut oil is particularly suitable for people suffering from eczema, acne and psoriasis. It effectively soothes itching and moisturises dry skin. Used in food, it is an oil that will help you lose weight sustainably, especially in the abdominal area: coconut oil Priime™ boosts your metabolism and limits the feeling of hunger.

Ice™ Why organic fractionated coconut oil Priime™
is it the best you will find?

Fractionated organic coconut oil is a natural base: it penetrates instantly into the skin and hair, without leaving an oily film. It is the ideal support for the synergies of the Priime™ range.

Contrary to many other references on the market, our coconut oil Priime™ is pure: it is made by hand, without additives. We attach particular value to this total transparency, which allows you to have confidence in us to achieve outstanding results.

Ice™ You'll be surprised to see the countless
uses of organic coconut oil Priime™

Truly versatile, coconut oil helps you keep your skin and immune system healthy, contributes to your oral hygiene and helps you lose weight. Here are some recommended uses of our organic coconut oil Priime™ :

In your diet: coconut oil reinforces your natural immunity, supports your heart’s activity, limits your appetite… In short, you gain everything by consuming our organic coconut oil!

Ariix by NewAge tip: a tablespoon daily: in a smoothie or vinaigrette, in a low-calorie food context.

On your face: Remove make-up with our organic coconut oil: it restores the health of your skin and reduces acne inflammation.

On your skin and hair: this oil is an ideal moisturizer. It penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy residue. If you use it for massage, don’t forget to mix in a few drops of our organic essential oil synergies Priime™ ! Applied throughout pregnancy, it will reduce stretch marks by softening the skin.

For your oral health: coconut oil whitens your teeth and freshens your breath.

Ariix by NewAge tip: a tablespoon of oil to keep in your mouth for a few minutes. Spit out and rinse your mouth with warm water.

Healthy product par excellence, coconut oil Priime™ has its place in your home, order it now.


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