Sentry™, protect your health thanks to this synergy of exceptional quality

Essential oils can be used to regain a deep and restful sleep, but also to purify your interior and repel diseases. In its Priimerange, Ariix by NewAge offers you the Sentry™ synergy, a defensive blend composed of organic essential oils made byhand. Opt for this healthy and natural product!


Sentry™, the perfect and natural health ally,
for the whole family

You feel concerned about your health and that of your family. Integrate the synergy Sentry™ into your cleaning routine, its active ingredients naturally reject germs, viruses and bacteria.

On your body, the organic essential oils contained in Sentry™ will work miracles! The use of this healthy product takes many aspects, explore the powerful potential of the synergy Sentry™ for you and yours in a pleasant holiday scent.

The purifying power of nature

The most concentrated ingredients of plants areexcellent remedies for various ailments. The organic composition of Sentry™ is diverse, but focused on purifying and defensive action.

The essential oils of cloves, cinnamon,tea tree,eucalyptus, lemongrass, lemon, grapefruit and bloodorange are precisely used in the best disinfecting synergies. They are all part of the Sentry™ synergy!

Combine The uses of Sentry™
for maximum efficiency

Essential oils hold countless virtues. The uses of Sentry™ are diversified, for optimal efficiency.

Natural cleaner: Sentry™ disinfects the surfaces of your kitchen or bathroom.

As a skin application: dilute Sentry™ with coconut oil Priime™, or apply a few drops on a cotton pad to get rid of imperfections on your skin.

If an illness takes hold of you, diffuse Sentry™ in your home: in the air, essential oils also eliminate pathogens and purify your atmosphere.

Support your immune system by integrating a few drops of the organic synergy Sentry™ in a glass of water to drink every morning.

Very powerful, essential oils impose
some precautions of use

Some essential oils are to be avoided by some persons. For example, cinnamon essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Ask your doctor for advice before using Sentry™ on children.

For sensitive skin, make sure to always dilute Sentry™ in coconut oil Priime™ before applying it to your skin. Before drinking Sentry™ synergy, always dilute it with water.

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