Escape Priime: free yourself from daily stress thanks to this organic synergy

Free yourself from daily stress in a simple and healthy way! The Priime range offers you a concentrated and powerful formula of essential oils beneficial to your health: Escape™ effectively soothes stress and its indisposing symptoms.


Migraine, perpetually stressed?
Escape Priime is for you!

Ariix by NewAge has formulated Escape™, a synergy of essential oils that is especially aimed at people trapped in stress. This disease is representative of our society where the pressure is often uninterrupted.

Escape™ is made up of pure and powerful essential oils to remedy the discomfort of many everyday situations. By using it, you will relieve your headaches, forget your migraines, and improve your concentration.

Due to which key ingredients the synergy Escape™
Does it get rid of headaches?

Using Escape™ is an essential step in improving your healthand well-being. The pure and organic essences of precious incense, Roman chamomile and fragrant helichrysum will calm your nerves. The essential oils of spearmint and eucalyptus will give you a life-saving boost to overcome your trials and tribulations.

Scientific experts recognise thepower of essential oils on our health. Ariix by NewAge has brought together the best products to concentrate them in the Escape™ synergy. Its handcrafted, pesticide-free manufacture guarantees you a material of exceptional quality.

The multiple uses of Escape™
will soothe your daily life?

Integrate Escape™ into your daily routine in a variety of ways for optimal results:

ApplyEscape™ on the strategic points of your body. On the temples, forehead or the base of the neck, the organic synergy will relieve your headaches and give you a deep sense of calm. The pleasant smell of Escape™ will calm your breathing.

Diffused, Escape™ will be your best ally everywhere in your home, your living room will become a true haven of peace.

Carry Escape™ with you: Place a cloth containing a few drops of the soothing synergy in the dryer.

Toquickly relieve a migraine, mix several drops of Escape™ with cold water. Soak a compressin this solution and apply for a few minutes to your temples, forehead and neck.

Use the powerful essential oils from Escape™.
with care

Essential oils should be handled with care, these concentrated extracts are extremely powerful. The synergy Escape™ is optimally formulated to fight against stress, here are a few tips on how to use it in the best possible way:

  • Essential oils are contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, seek the advice of your doctor before using Escape™.
  • Always be sure to dilute the essential oilscontained in Escape™ before applying it to a child’s skin, or to sensitive skin. Our coconut oil Priime™ is perfect as a carrier oil. For children, the use of essential oils should be considered with the utmost caution, ask a health professional for advice beforehand. Do not swallow.

Order now the synergy Escape™ to say goodbye to stress, naturally!


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