Restoriix, purify your body in a healthy way

In this world where everything goes too fast, stress is predominant. Meals taken on the run are rarely healthy. In the absence of quality “fuel”, your body gets out of breath… Take action! Restoriix, a natural food supplement from the Nutrifii range, helps you purify your body to reach your best potential.

Restoriix - Food Supplement - Detox Cure - product ARIIX

How does Restoriix™ get rid of undesirable elements in your body?

Restoriix is perfect for people in a hurry who want to stay healthy.

Restoriix assists you in a natural detoxificationof the organism, so it is aimed at anyone with a hectic lifestyle who decides to detoxify their body in order to start off on the right foot. It is not a recommended product for children, who are still building their natural immune barriers.

What secret ingredients make Restoriix™ totally effective?

Restoriix eliminates free radicals and restores your immune system. It strengthens your body’s natural ability to detoxify.

To detoxify, the product developed by ARIIX by NewAge,

Restoriix,contains zeolite, chlorella and activated carbon. For cellular nutrition, a necessary step in any detox treatment, you can count on spirulinaandChia seed.

Other ingredients: natural lemon flavouring, apple pectin, stevia leaf extract, raw cocoa.

Optimise the use of Restoriix™ to cleanse your body naturally

How to integrate Restoriix™ into your daily life?

To maximise the power of Restoriix™, we advise you to opt once or twice a year for a 28-day detox routine.
Recommended dose :
Take 1/2 dose in the morning when you wake up on an empty stomach and 1/2 dose in the evening before going to bed. Attention, Restoriix™ is one of the food supplements to be taken away from mealsand/or medical treatments (one hour before or two hours after eating).
For an in-depth detox treatment, take two spoons a day, spread over two distant intakes.

Precautions for use

Order now Restoriix™, your 100% natural detox partner

Restoriix - Food Supplement - Detox Cure - product ARIIX

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