Day & Night Drops: how to lose weight definitively in a healthy way?

When we are in food rebalancing, the number of kilos lost may seem small compared to the efforts made. ARIIX by NewAge offers a radical and 100% organic solution to permanently get rid of your extra pounds: Day & Night drops from the range Slenderiiz
. During the first month, lose between 6 and 8 kg, in a responsible and totally controlled manner. You can forget the “yo-yo” effect, you won’t gain weight again.

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Why do the Day & Night Drops Slenderiiz™ make you lose weight quickly and safely?

Do you want to lose weight while staying healthy? The Day & Night drops are for you!

Diet and amount of exercise are not the only factors determining your weight loss. It is also necessary to take into account the activity of hormones, the level of your stress, your digestive activity and the speed of your metabolism.

To control all these factors, the Slenderiiz™ range offers you the 100% natural and safe solution. Thanks to Day & Night drops, a halal-certified ARIIX by NewAge product, you will have lasting control over your appetite, and will be able to control the hormones responsible for your hunger and cravings.

Why do the Day & Night Drops Slenderiiz™ make you lose weight quickly and safely?

Our formula, entirely elaborated with ingredients from nature, guarantees you an effective and long-lasting slimming cure: you are sure not to gain back the pounds you have lost. Why? The Day & Night drops slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and accelerate your metabolism, you will no longer store bad fats!

Among the key ingredients of the Day & Night Drops, you will enjoy the benefits of white bean, coconut, green coffee bean extract, but also cinnamon and acerola. You will be amazed by the concrete results that this unique recipe with clinically proven effects offers you!

How to get the most out of Day & Night drops?

Day & Night drops are easy to use and their benefits are quickly visible.

Developed by the best doctors, Day & Night drops accelerate your weight loss as part of a healthy slimming cure.


Twenty to thirty minutes before each meal, take a pipette from the “Day” bottle and swallow it after about ten seconds. Do not absorb anything else for 10 minutes to maximize the effect of the drops.


In the evening, one to two hours before going to bed, shake the “Night” bottle before use, and take two “1ml” pipettes.


Within a month, you will easily start to lose the weight you want to get rid of.

3 reasons to order now your Day & Night drops

The results of clinical studies prove the undeniable effectiveness of the Day & Night drops.

It is a natural product that helps you control your appetite, accelerates your metabolismand reduces your stress levels.

You will be able to say goodbye to your superfluous kilos for good, without ever putting them back on.

You save several years of inefficient diets thanks to Day & Night drops.

Order your Day & Night drops now for a visible result within a month!


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