Darkspot Lightening Care


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Say goodbye to your brown spots with the lightening treatment Jouve™

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Fight the effects of time effectively with Ariix products. Our Jouve range offers you the opportunity tounify your skin in a healthy and natural way, with the corrective lightening care for brown spots Jouve™. Take this chance now!

How does the brown spot correcting lightening treatment Jouve™ restore your youthfulness?

Your skin merits a second youthfulness thanks to the lightening care from Jouve™

People whose skin is marked by time are looking for a resolutely efficient product to remove brown spots from their face. Despite a plethora of products on the market, none of them have proven to be effective, except for one: the brown spot corrector lightening care Jouvé™ has been clinically tested to demonstrate its efficacity.

The results are irrefutable: Ariix™ offers you a unique treatment, formulated with themost effective and healthy natural whitening agents in the world. They smoothyour skin, moisturise it and protect you against environmental aggressions.

What ingredients make Jouve™ skin lightening care a powerful tool against the signs of ageing?

Thesecret of our patented formula is simple. Nature offers us everything at our disposal, we use its resources reasonably to design the most efficient and healthy products.

Thelightening correcting care for brown spots Jouve™ contains powerful active ingredients from plants. Shea buttermoisturises, snow algae and Japanese glasswort unify your complexion deep down. We also carefully prepare the root of a radish of exceptional quality to add a tightening effect to your skin.

The properties of theseantioxidant ingredients diminish the effect of spots on your face and naturally restore its radiance.


How do I use the lightening treatment to correct brown spots for a radiant and long-lasting result?

Our advice for use

To see the effectiveness of the lightening treatment to correct brown spots Jouve™, adopt the following routine every morning:

  • Take a sufficient amount to cover the entire face, 2 pumps are usually sufficient. Apply to a clean and dry face, with delicate circular massages, always upwards. Wait until your skin absorbs the treatment perfectly before applying other Jouve™ products or your make-up.
  • Extra tip: you can apply a little bit of Jouve™ lightening care on top of your hands.


Precautions for use


  • Do not apply to mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with clear water.
  • During our clinical trials, no subject showed any irritation or redness. If this happens, stop using the product.


Unify your skin durably by ordering your brightening treatment today at Jouve™!


At last, an effectivel ightening treatment,healthy and natural to get rid of brown spots on your skin! The brown spot correcting lightening treatment Jouve™ also moisturises the epidermis effectively.


Give your skin that second youthfulness, it merits it: order your brightening treatment now at Jouve™ to see quick and lasting effects.