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Natural and organic shampoo: Reviive offers you a pure formula

You can see right away when hair is in poor health: dull, brittle, irritated scalp… Ariix has developed a revolutionary solution! Reviive shampoo cleans, nourishes and protects your hair from external aggressions.

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Reviive Shampoo is een natuurlijke shampoo voor alle haartypes. Ariix

The simplest and most effective organic and natural shampoo: the shampoo Reviive™

For what type of hair is Reviive™ shampoo formulated?

Ariix™ has developed its Reviive™ range to suit as many people as possible. Reviive™ shampoo nourishes dry hair and purifies scalps poisoned by environmental aggressions. No matter what type of hair you have, the high-quality ingredients in Reviive™ natural shampoo make it perfectly effective.

The secret of the organic shampoo Reviive™: its 100% natural and healthy composition

There are no compounds as healthy and powerful as those found in nature. The ingredients we have selected for the formulation of our shampoo Reviive™ are all natural, and most are certified organic. White tea strengthens the peptides in the hair, making it less brittle. Blue lupin makes your hair incredibly soft, and the essential oils we have selected nourish your scalp in depth.

The ingredients in Reviive™ shampoo protect your skin (scalp) from new contaminants entering your body. In short, it gives your hair a healthy glow and acts as a shield against external aggressions!

On the other hand, phytic acid is a derivative of rice, which gently purifies your hair and actively participates in the pH balance. Le résultat est visible après la première utilisation : L’utilisation correcte de l’après-shampooing Ariix Reviive garantit un résultat rapidement visible.

Integrate Reviive™ shampoo into your hair routine

Use the natural shampoo Reviive™

Since it is a natural product, you will find that Reviive™ shampoo foams less than other products on the market. This is quite normal, since the foam you get in abundance on a low quality product is only the reflection of a potentially toxic composition for your organism!

Use Reviive™ shampoo when your hair is dirty. Moisten your hair. Take a dab of product in the palm of your hand, depending on the length of your hair.

Apply to the roots and lengths, massaging your boiled hair gently with the pulp of your fingers. Rinse thoroughly.

Precautions for use

Give the best to your hair... She'll give it back to you, thanks to the shampoo Reviive™

40.19 €
Reviive Shampoo is een natuurlijke shampoo voor alle haartypes. Ariix

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