ARIIX by NewAge presents the Puritii air purifier: finally breathe healthily at home!

“Indoor pollution is one of the greatest threats to human life. This is the sad observation of the World Health Organisation. It is not inevitable! Purifying your indoor air is possible: ARIIX by NewAge has developed the Puritiipurifier, powerfully effective.

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How does the Puritii air purifier allow you to breathe 99.9999% pure air?

Everyone in your family can enjoy the benefits of the air purifier Puritii™

The pollution of our interior is invisible. However, it is responsible for more or less serious ailments: from irritation of the mucous membranes to fatigue and cardiovascular diseases! Take care of your health and that of your family today by equipping yourself with the Puritii air purifier.

This revolutionary device cleans the air you breathe and guarantees you up to 99.9999% pure air!

The air purifier Puritii™ even captures fine particles! Find out how it works

The Puritii air purifier is an efficient 11-stage filtration system. Larger particles such as dust and animal hair are collected first. Then the smaller and smaller harmful elements are trapped in the filters: dust mite residues, mould spores, bacteria, petrochemicals.

In addition to purifying the air you breathe at home, this air purifier is quiet and energy efficient. This is the perfect combo for you!

Optimise the efficiency of your Puritii air purifier by using it according to our recommendations.

The Puritii air purifier purifies the air in your whole house! How to use it?

The unit’s motor efficiently filters 8.6 cubic metres per minute. You can choose to move it around, for example to purify the rooms before sleeping.

To control the Puritii air purifier, use the controls on the unit or the remote control supplied. You control the filtration speed of the room. The ionising function can be activated at your convenience: the ionisation stimulates the air particles, leaving a fresh and clean scent.

Precautions for use

Make sure to clean and dry the outer filter regularly. Removing, once a month, the large particles trapped in the filter guarantees you permanently clean air.

Remember to regularly change the inner filter, which traps the most harmful substances. Please note that our Puritii air purifier is guaranteed for life. This device is essential for you: it promises to improve your health by cleaning your air in the best conditions.

The Puritii air purifier is the best solution to protect your whole family, order it today.

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