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Your hair naturally radiant with health thanks to Reviive Conditioner

Fed up with your dry, untamed mane? Get your smile back with our natural Reviive conditioner. Ariix has specially developed this range of hygiene products to suit as many people as possible. This hair care product brings moisture and shine to your hair, while protecting it from external aggressions.

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Apres Shampoo Reviive is an ARIIX product.

How does Reviive conditioner restore the health of your hair?

What type of hair is Reviive natural conditioner suitable for?

The biggest advantage of Reviive conditioner by Ariix is that it is suitable for as many people as possible. If you have dandruff, dry, dull or unruly hair, our conditioner is exactly what you need for your hair routine.

Revive's conditioner consists of essential ingredients: no more, no less!

Ariix offers you an effective and respectful hygiene product which generally consists of a short list of natural ingredients. Our ingredients are not certified organic, but the combination of shea butter and phytic acid fulfils the mission of this reviving conditioner. On the one hand, shea butter moisturises and protects the hair, in particular against UV aggression.

On the other hand, phytic acid is a derivative of rice, which gently purifies your hair and actively participates in the pH balance. Le résultat est visible après la première utilisation : L’utilisation correcte de l’après-shampooing Ariix Reviive garantit un résultat rapidement visible.

How does ARIIX help you achieve soft, shiny, healthy looking hair?

After cleansing your hair with our Reviive shampoo, apply Ariix Reviive conditioner to slightly damp hair: take a nut of Reviive conditioner in your hand, and apply it to the lengths of your hair. If you have dandruff and/or a dry scalp, massage your skull in small circular movements with the remaining Reviive conditioner in your hand. You can adopt this routine after each shampoo or once a week, depending on the nature of your hair.

Precautions for use

Adopt Reviive conditioner today: it will become an essential part of your hair routine.

40.19 €
Apres Shampoo Reviive is an ARIIX product.

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