It’s time to join ARIIX! 35th out of 100 list of “DSN Global”


Each year, DSN,

the main support for the direct selling industry, awards the top 100 MLM-type direct selling companies

in the world to help new entrepreneurs seek opportunities in this lucrative MLM industry.

This year,
, a unique and innovative international company that promotes a healthy and toxin-free life, is proud to announce its ranking as
The Number 35 out of 100 of the best direct selling companies such as MLM.

ARIIX has been on the DSN Global 100 list since 2015, starting with number 95, then going to number 91 in 2016, number 82 in 2017, number 78 in 2018, number 57 in 2019 and number 35 in 2020, thanks to the collective achievements of the whole family

Since the inception of
, the company has experienced steady and substantial year-over-year revenue growth ($230 million in 2019).

When creating the DSN Global 100 list, DSN takes into account sales figures, global reach, number of representatives and number of employees, all of which have grown steadily and exponentially for ARIIX.

The DSN Global 100 list offers a unique perspective on the overall impact of the industry on the economic and social fields. It highlights the true impact of this chain on people’s lives and the economic impact of direct selling companies on the communities they serve.

“Thanks to the amazing partnership we have created with our family of ARIIX representatives, we have worked hand in hand to create a strong growth strategy around the world. This strategy, combined with the sheer tenacity of our representatives, has made ARIIX an unstoppable force. This honour goes to our incredible representatives who put all their heart into helping to create transformations around the world,”

Cameron Bott, President of ARIIX International.

has always been commended for the growth of its companies by prestigious associations, including the DSN Global 100 list, the Direct Selling Management Association (DSMA), Inc. Growth Award. 5000, Utah Business Fast 50 and Entrepreneur 360™, which rewards the fastest growing private companies in America.
continues to experience stable growth by leading the direct selling industry through a Representatives’ Bill of Rights, a patent-pending compensation plan and an innovative lifestyle benefits program.


The Global 100 list offers a unique perspective on the global impact of the industry. The recognition of these companies is the culmination of months of research and cooperation of many people around the world. Where possible, the DSN team searches for public records and documents for publicly traded companies and nearly 80% of the data on the DSN Global 100 list is compiled from private companies.


is a unique and innovative international company that creates efficient and toxin-free products, developed in collaboration with world-renowned experts and marketed by independent representatives. Opportunity and the marks of
are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China, including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.

Discover the ARIIX opportunity and the benefits of becoming an ARIIX representative

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